The coursework is an independent educational paper of students performed during the academic year (semester) on one of the urgent problems of the corresponding discipline. The purpose of the work is to consolidate and deepen the theoretical knowledge gained in the study of academic discipline, the formation of general professional competencies, independent solutions to professional problems.

The implementation of this paper is aimed at deepening the theoretical and applied knowledge acquired by students in the process of listening to lecture courses in practical classes, mastering the skills of research work, and gaining the first experience in preparing publications.

In the process of completing the coursework, the following tasks are solved:

  • Systematization and concretization of theoretical knowledge in the relevant disciplines;
  • Acquisition of skills for independent research paper, including the search and analysis of necessary information;
  • Formation of systemic thinking through setting goals and abilities for conducting coursework;
  • Independent analysis of relevant issues in the relevant subject area;
  • The development of ` logical thinking and the ability to reason important judgments and conclusions in the analysis of theoretical problems and practical examples, the ability to formulate conclusions and suggestions.

The completion of this assignment allows to acquire the skills of independent scientific research, creative work with literature, the selection and use of factual and statistical materials, the analysis of facts of real economic life, and the formation of their attitude to a scientific problem.

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It still seems appropriate to consider what kind of paper scheme each our doctoral writer adheres to during the execution of an assignment:

  • Selection and review of sources of information;
  • Drawing up a plan;
  • Systematization and logical presentation of the material in accordance with the work plan;
  • Conclusion;
  • Design of work in accordance with the requirements.

Experienced writers say that coursework writing involves writing a paper in literary and professional language, with the competent use of the categorical apparatus. The content of the work usually corresponds to the title of the topic and reveals it in a logical sequence. The general volume is approximately 25-30 pages.

The content includes an introduction, the name of all sections and subsections, a conclusion, a list of used sources, and applications indicating the page numbers on which these elements begin.

The introduction reflects the relevance of the topic, the purpose and main objectives, the object, and subject of the study, research methods, the structure of the paper (a summary of chapters and paragraphs of the main part). The relevance of the topic is justified by explaining the theoretical and practical significance of the problems studied. The goal is formulated briefly and reflects what the student wants to achieve in the process of his research. Tasks indicate specific steps by which this goal can be achieved. An object is a given area of research. The subject is the most significant process in a given area of research. The subject appears in relation to the object with a narrower concept and determines the future results of the study.

The main part of the coursework contains two or three chapters, each of which is divided into paragraphs. The number of paragraphs in a chapter can be from two to five. In the process of custom coursework writing, the writer always strives for a proportional (in volume) distribution of material between chapters and within them. The volume of each paragraph is at least 3 pages.

The conclusion is a summary of the main, most significant results of the analysis, formulated in the form of conclusions that correspond to the purpose and objectives indicated in the introduction. The volume of the conclusion is 2-3 pages.

The list of sources used contains legal acts, educational literature, monographic studies, scientific articles, statistical publications, reference books, and Internet sources. It contains at least 15 modern sources.

Appendices – auxiliary illustrative-graphic, tabular, calculated, and textual materials, which are inexpedient to bring in the main text of the paper.

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