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The Structure and Elements of Personal Statement

It is not an easy job to write a good personal statement. It is so tricky, and you need to know what things to include and what things to omit. An outstanding paper could significantly increase your chances to enrol in the university or college. To impress the admission committee, it should be:

  1. It should express your aims, values, background, and achievements. Thus, this demonstrates your personality and your goals. It should be written sincerely.
  2. A personal paper should not simply enumerate your accomplishments. It should be easy to read and engaging. No boredom and cumbersome sentences. It is not preferable to include complex sentences or unnecessary information.
  3. Properly created. It should tell not only the story but also demonstrate the skills of the writer. It is inadmissible to have mistakes in a personal paper.
  4. Fulfilling the requirements. You should prepare and study all the requirements of a particular college or university very carefully beforehand. It is essential to write it properly. When the statement is ready, read it to be sure it follows all requirements. The admission committee will surely pay more attention to the paper, which corresponds to all their demands.
  5. This is the key to success. The introduction should draw the attention of the admission committee. An unusual introduction with a bit of a joke or an untypical story intrigues and makes your personality more interesting.
  6. It should answer at least a couple of questions asked. In case you don’t answer the questions comprehensively, your chances to enrol in the university may drop.
  7. Skills-demonstrating. You should prove the admission committee that you are a perfect candidate who possesses the required skills and experience. It will increase your chances to enrol in the university.

Such a statement is going to definitely impress even the most demanding members of the admission committee. Yet it is not easy to write it by yourself, especially when you are too nervous or too busy. There are so many important things to do that you can’t concentrate and pay attention to your personal statement. Are you afraid of failing to enroll in the university because of a second-rate paper? Do you want something special and outstanding? Here comes our personal statement writing service to help.

How to Contact With Personal Statement Writer

You have come to the right place. You are a couple of steps away from getting a professional help with your paper. They are:

  1. Make an order on our website and share all the necessary details to include
  2. Contact us by starting an online chat with the customer support manager, by phone, or by e-mail. Review it to deliver all the required information. If possible, add a link to the college or university website, where requirements are listed.
  3. Pay for the order.
  4. Get your custom personal statement on time, according to the individual delivery schedule.
  5. Check, if necessary, ask for revision (unlimited revisions number available)
  6. Get your proper personal paper on time and enjoy it!

Who Is Responsible for Personal Statement Writing?

We hire personal statement writers who are:

  • experienced;
  • creative;
  • talented;
  • attentive to details;
  • disciplined;
  • able to express the ideas clearly;
  • open to new things and ideas.

To hire only the experts, we have developed a complicated application procedure. They need to pass a series of complicated tests, job interviews, and to complete several challenging test tasks to ensure us they have all the required skills. High quality and excellent customer experience are our top priorities.

Our writers will take all your suggestions into account and create a proper personal statement. They pay attention to each detail and create a perfect paper just for you. Our professional statement writers are glad to help you. The only thing that remains for you is to order our online services.

The Benefits of Our Personal Statement Writing Service

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  • Only professional writers of personal statement work for us. We have managed to build up a team of experts, each of them having a narrow specialization. Moreover, you get a chance to choose the writer by yourself;
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  • Payback guarantee. We offer a refund on any writing stage if anything is wrong with your paper and you are not satisfied with it;
  • No mistakes. We proofread our papers for grammar a couple of times during the different stages to make sure there are no mistakes. We realize how important it is to have a properly written paper;
  • On-time delivery. We guarantee timely delivery for all our orders according to the individual schedule. Moreover, we try to deliver even beforehand, so that our customers had some time to review the paper and make suggestions if necessary;
  • Unlimited revisions. An opportunity to modify your paper as many times as possible is included. Our writers are ready to listen to all your suggestions and change the paper. You don’t need to pay for this service additionally. We will try to do everything we can to make our customers satisfied with their personal statements;
  • Client support. You can contact your writer directly in online chat and ask any questions about the personal statement. They are welcome to show your work in progress, and you have an opportunity to review it and make changes right away;
  • Urgent orders. If you need it, we could write a proper paper in one night. Our writers are here to help you out. All you have to do is to set a deadline and check your order done in a couple of hours;
  • Absolute confidentiality. No one can access your personal information according to our privacy policy.

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Personal Statement Writing Services of Any Kind

Our team of experts provides various services to our customers. We are happy to deal with any of your and your university’s requirements.

Commonly we can single out two main types of personal statement:

  1. General personal statement. This type is used by medical or law schools. In a word, you need to create a presentation about yourself. It lets your creativity run wild and present yourself in a positive light.
  2. Specific personal statement. This type includes a question or a list of questions to answer. It is used by the business or graduate schools.

We are happy to help you with both of them. We are able to handle any college personal statement or university personal statement.

Considering the subject, each writer specializes in one or two of them and here is a wide list of subjects we work with:

  • public service;
  • sociology;
  • psychology;
  • medicine;
  • geography;
  • business studies;
  • art studies;
  • political science;
  • law studies;
  • chemistry;
  • physics;
  • accounting;
  • architecture;
  • history;
  • philosophy;
  • international relations;
  • computer science and information systems;
  • marketing;
  • finance;
  • linguistics;
  • literature;
  • mechanical, aeronautical, and manufacturing engineering;
  • and many others.

If you need a personal statement to apply to the school or college, contact us right now. We will check all the requirements, make a plan and write an individual statement for you. Pay for the work and spend your time for other important tasks.