100 English Extended Essay Topics

IB or International Baccalaureate is considered to be the most fundamental educational program with the help of which students, as well as pupils, can reach another level of academic success. The best part about this specific program is that both extremely young learners and students till 19 years can participate in it.

The important part of the application process is essay writing. That’s why we decided to assist students in this difficult process, so you can hire our professional custom essay writers to write your paper. Here in the article, we will share the best possible samples of 100 English extended essay topics. If this theme is interesting for you, then just go on reading, and you will get all the needed info.

IB Extended Essay Topic Ideas And The Purpose Of Their Completion

Good EE topics’ choice requires not only enough time on the preparation and completion of the essay, but a huge research process as well. The standard length of this project is something between 3500 and 4000 words, and only in case of successful completion students receive the IB Diploma.

When speaking about the deadlines, of course, there are general time frames for all the participants. However, each school or other educational institution can set its own rules and time frames for the specific steps. For instance, the deadline might be set for the choice of EE topics or information gathering, and so on.         

Before the review of extended essay ideas, let’s determine which parts this essay should consist of. This is probably the most important thing that every participant should know about. So, the key components are the following:

  • Title page. It seems like there is nothing important in this part, and you can complete it in a matter of seconds. Nevertheless, it is not true; this part is the most fundamental, and you should be prepared enough and distinctly understand what your research question, subject, theme, word count, and more is.  
  • Content. This part should be at the very beginning, and all the page numbers need to match. Nothing else is needed to be aware of in this section.
  • Intro. Before writing this part, you should be prepared enough and already know not only the IB EE topics but the major focus of your work and several arguments.
  • Main body. This is probably the most important part where all the discussions, evaluations, and analyses are done. Here everything should be organized in the proper order, and you’d better discuss this part with the specialist a lot. Otherwise, you can waste lots of effort in vain.
  • Summing up. It is just the conclusion of your work, but some students prefer to end this part with an open question, and that is also a great idea to consider.
  • Bibliography. You should better start making this list at the very beginning of your research, maybe even when you are reviewing IB extended essay topic ideas. So, when everything is done, you will need only to double-check the literature and organize it in the proper way.   

Now when you know at least something general about the extended essay, let’s proceed to the most important part of the article.

History Extended Essay Topics  

  1. Structural weakness in the economy was the main reason for the Soviet Union’s collapse.
  2. What are the major similarities in the demonstration of power in Mussolini and Hitler’s rise?
  3. Can Sweden be considered a neutral country during the period of World War Second?
  4. Rosetta stone – how fundamental is this discovery in terms of the sequence of historical events?
  5. The major explanations of the dominant position of the Western countries during the different historical periods.
  6. Are there any explanations for Israel’s win in 1967 (The Six-Day War)?
  7. Invasion in 1939 – what are the events which influenced the simultaneous attach of both the USSR and Nazi Germany?
  8. The oldest settlement – where and how was it discovered?
  9. Were reforms in 1832 really essential for society (British Parliamentary reforms)?
  10. Was there any major shift in the attitude towards women when comparing the 1920s and 1950s?   

Biology Extended Essay topics  

  1. The description of molecular similarities and differences of fungi with animals and plants.
  2. Determining the migration of our ancestors using the comparative methods of blood group detection in various geographical locations.
  3. What is the major effect of climate changes on the X plant?
  4. The functionality of antioxidants in humans’ bodies.
  5. Is there any evident correlation between climate changes and coral reefs?
  6. Is there a possibility that photosynthesis can occur without sunlight?
  7. What mechanisms are increasing the rate of allergic reactions in kids (developed countries)?
  8. The major benefits of using modeled organisms produced with the help of silicon.
  9. Can soap and sanitizers really inhibit the spread and growth of E. Coli?
  10. Is there any gender and age effect on the photoreceptors?  

Psychology Extended Essay Topics  

  1. Does learning repetition help to improve in any age group?
  2. Comparison of stress disorders in humans and elephants.
  3. Is there any evident correlation between cognitive environment and parenting in modern society?
  4. How to create the most productive motivational surrounding for the young learners?
  5. How influential is social violence which is displayed on social medial nowadays?
  6. What are the most noticeable consequences of those individuals who were exposed to violence?
  7. Does drug treatment really help with psychological disorders of various types?
  8. Behavioral therapy is the most effective method of self-treatment.
  9. False memories – scientific explanation of their existence.
  10. Childhood abuse is the major reason for new psychological traumas in adulthood.  

Literature Extended Essay Topics

  1. Top stylistic innovations which were used in literature during the recent period of time.
  2. Characteristics of the human being in Metamorphosis by Kafka.
  3. Daniel Keyes major writing techniques and style.
  4. The most noticeable contrast in the creative work of Jane Austen.
  5. In what way does Yaa Gyasi describe the time evolution?
  6. Is there really any feminine empowerment in the Lord of the Rings?
  7. Fundamental postmodernism elements in literature.
  8. Basic statistics in modern literature.
  9. Heroic portrayal of superhuman in literature.  
  10. Nobel Prize winners in literature and their real impact on social standards.

Geography Extended Essay Topics

  1. Ecosystem of Nile river
  2. The instability of the polar vortex due to the drastic climate change.
  3. Geological factor is a crucial one in Darwin’s explanation of origin theory.
  4. Oil spills have the worst consequences for our ecosystem.
  5. Solar storms – is there any theory of their prevention?
  6. What are the major factors for the location of industries in certain regions?
  7. Is there any evident correlation between women’s employment and fertility rate?
  8. How does the working industry influence the possibility of obesity?
  9. Are there any successful examples of biodiversity in National Parks?
  10. What causes a high rate of vandalism?   

Physics Extended Essay topics

  1. Explanation of earthquake flashlights from the perspective of physics.
  2. How do telescope arrays function?
  3. Construction of apparatus for the lipid concentration measurement.
  4. Characteristics of the work performance and temperature on AA batteries.
  5. The influence of temperature on the viscosity of certain liquids.
  6. Is there any significant correlation between wheel diameter and stability when weather conditions are taken into consideration?
  7. How can the concentration of sugar influence the refractive liquid’s index?
  8. Physics of cosmic microwaves.
  9. Is there any evidence of an expanding universe?
  10. Magnetic field of Earth – physical explanation.  

Film Extended Essay Topics

  1. Modern computer graphics and its influence on cinema.
  2. Moving cameras as the most innovative approach towards the creation of modern cinema.
  3. “Soap opera” effect in society – does it really exist nowadays?
  4. Films creation is the most fundamental mechanism of social protests.
  5. Guy Ritchie’s attitude towards new technologies in cinematography.
  6. The most successful examples of timeliness’ manipulations.
  7. Violence an inseparable part of the filming industry.
  8. The portrayal of social norms in Sci-Fi movies.
  9. The portrayal of femininity in the cinematography.
  10. Revenge is the mainline in all Tarantino’s movies.    

Economics Extended Essay Topics

  1. How to count the general profit of the airline industry?
  2. Tax reforms and their correlation with economic growth.
  3. The influence of Brexit on the economic stability of the UK.
  4. Economic miracle in South Korea.
  5. Is there any influence between the educational level and economic wealth of the country?
  6. Economic strategies of China.
  7. The influence of global corporations on the taxation rate.
  8. Aging of population and economic standards.
  9. The reasons for Latin American crises in 1997.
  10. The unemployment rate and the global economy.

World Religion Studies Extended Essay Topics

  1. The difference between the most fundamental branches of Buddhism.
  2. Attitude towards sins in various religions (comparison).
  3. Missionary behavior as the method of active expansion of unreligious populations.  
  4. Figure of Jesus Christ as the most impactful in both Judaism and Islam.
  5. Religious attitude towards major scientific discoveries.
  6. Live after death in different religions.
  7. The formation of the universe according to the religious point of view.
  8. Heaven in the eyes of religious Christians.
  9. Common fundamental elements in various religions.
  10. The impact of Buddhism on human experiences.   

Chemistry Extended Essay Topics

  1. What influences have the pH in the mouth?
  2. How can iron diets vary in different countries?
  3. How to explain the temperature effect on milk souring?
  4. What are the most noticeable effects of temperature and time on acid in soda?
  5. Purification of protein.
  6. Ibuprofen purification from commercial pills.
  7. The major investigations in the aspirin synthesis.
  8. The studies relating to environmentally friendly alternatives to petrol.
  9. Liesegang rings.
  10. Characteristics of Vitamin C in the usual orange juice.

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