Students frequently have dozens of things to do at the same time – different study tasks, important meetings, family duties, internships, or even jobs. Coping those well may appear to be problematic sometimes. Luckily, there are always options to facilitate the process of coping with each task at stake. 

Our service can help you with completing academic assignments and provide you with truly useful info on how to complete those even on your own. Get more useful tips and tested writing approaches in these writing guides for the most common papers our professionals have prepared for you.


This is the most popular request for paper-making. When you think how to write an essay well, you should understand a lot of details. It is necessary to select a good topic and expand that well, write arguments and cover many other underestimated things, like making an outline and structuring it. Each type of essay has its own specifics: narrative, persuasive, compare-and-contrast, expository, descriptive, etc:

We know how to make all types of essays fast and are ready to share with you tips for doing it faster than usual.

Letter of Recommendation

Have you faced the necessity of making your first letter of recommendation for grad school and don’t know how to approach that? It is not too difficult to present your candidacy from the best perspective, highlighting your strong points, and telling about other things in your letter of recommendation, important for making a choice in your favor. In fact, it is so.

But we can reveal all the nuances and ease the process of letter of recommendation writing. Our authors shared their tips on how to write a letter of recommendation for graduate school. Read them to avoid any mistakes.

Personal Statement 

Do you need to get to the desired study program? Need to explain persuasively your motivation and choice for applying to a specific program? Don’t you know how to write a personal statement for grad school? It is easy to do, even for the first time.

Research Paper

Making research seems to be too problematic for you? This paper is easy to cope with if you arrange your work well, select reliable sources only, make a good structure, and follow other good writing tips for a research paper. Our professionals are ready to share with you how to create a strong introduction for a research paper, choose a topic, complete this task, and polish it well. Use our guide to make your research easier.

Scholarly Paper

Making this research task for publication in a journal takes lots of time and effort. It requires following all formatting requirements carefully and observing many other important things. Still, making a scholarly paper is not a complicated thing to do as it may appear at the first glance. We have helped a lot of students so we know how to write a scholarly paper correctly. Check our recommendations on this type of paper.

Term Paper

This is a paper required in the final of a semester where a student needs to show one’s knowledge, research, and writing skills. Making a good choice for a topic, researching carefully, writing in a structuring manner, and coping with lots of other things are equally important for making a good term paper.

Whenever you think how to write a term paper perfectly, you can refer to our guide. We shared all the tricks so you can just follow the instructions and create amazing papers.


Need to make it? Don’t know how to make a thesis short but still effective? Our professionals will share how to present your opinion effectively and make this to-the-point. Read all the expert recommendations based on decades of experience and learn everything about how to create a proper thesis.

Anything Else to Help You?

Use these easy-to-follow guides each time you experience difficulties with writing a specific task you have got. They can help you with making your workable paper. But, if you feel you need extra help and prompt assistance with that, simply let us know. Our professionals will render you TOP custom help for making the most common and other types of paper at stake.

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