How To Write A Master’s Thesis

The master’s thesis is a must-have task for most fields of study. And most master’s students find this assignment extremely hard to accomplish. It is reasonable as you need to conduct extensive research, apply your creative and critical thinking. There is nothing impossible even if this project is really difficult at some points. Here you will find selected approaches on how to write a master’s thesis to get results close to perfect, but if you are busy you can use our fast custom thesis writing service.

Let’s Review What is a Master’s thesis?

If we say briefly on what is a master’s thesis, we may characterize this assignment as compulsory research and writing work you should complete as the result of your master’s course. This paper will signify your skills gained during the studies and interest in a particular topic within your specialization. So, this writing task is about choosing a good topic, researching well, drafting to the point, and doing many other related things we will tell you about here. Let’s start a more precise review. 

About the Purpose of Drafting and Your Future Goal

These aspects are relevant to getting good outcomes. This is a graduate-level of your preparation. Think thoroughly about the goals of your career beforehand. Set your plans. The topic of your master’s thesis must align with these goals. Make it so coherent. This will facilitate a lot of your further career growth or Ph.D. work. 

Yes, HRs may ask you about this thesis to form a better understanding of your purposefulness and aspirations. If your master’s thesis topic is related to the first job you are applying to, this may give you extra bonuses. The same thing is with your possible dissertation. This will make your path more smooth and show your stable dedication to a certain area or topic. So, our suggestion is to outline your future plans in your mind before starting to draft this thesis. 

We can also suggest to you a couple of fresh ideas about the purpose of drafting. If you can’t find any motivation, you may think about choosing and writing on important social-related matters. Why not? This will give you extra motivation for pursuing your writing and making the work done. 

Another suggestion we have is writing for pleasure and developing writing skills. If you find your thesis irrelevant, you may always focus on enhancing research and writing skills. They will surely help you further, not for thesis writing only.

How Long Is a Master’s Thesis

That is a good question that worries a lot of students. At the point of your master’s thesis length, rely on your university guideline you have. It compulsory addresses a question of how long a master’s thesis should be, what is the master’s thesis format, and other related matters. Usually, this thesis should be around 40-70 pages long depending on your topic but excluding citations. 

Even if you don’t have any specific requirements on how long a master’s thesis should be, we encourage you to clarify that. As a rule, you will have approximately 2 semesters to complete this drafting. So, the research should be substantial and the length of your paper respective. The exact answer to your question on how long a master’s thesis should be depending on the complexity of your research – the length should be enough to expand your topic well. How to do this? We will tell you further.

Lets Speak More Precisely about Writing a master’s Thesis

Writing a master’s thesis itself is a time-consuming process. You need to approach that beforehand unless you are not a professional writer. But, if you are not, we still have useful tips and suggestions on how to organize that process well.

Pre-Writing and Not Only

Organizing your drafting well and beforehand(!) is crucial for getting good grades. Forming your schedule will help you in arranging all that practically. Split the entire time you have into separate periods of time for choosing a topic and its approval, researching, drafting, and revising. These stages are basic. We will focus on each of them further. But, let’s empathize here with all preconditions of your success. 

A topic is first of all. You need to choose one that is interesting for yourself if you have this opportunity. This will facilitate the drafting and getting expected outcomes a number of times. Still, don’t become upset if you have been assigned a certain topic. You need only focus on more pleasant things, like enhancing your drafting or critical thinking skills.

In any case, you need to discuss a topic with your supervisor. Involve somebody who has extensive expertise in your target field of research. This may be somebody from your department or a member of the committee before which you will present the results of your work. 

The exact topic for your work should align with your program. Develop a short research proposal and present it to your supervisor. Be brief and concise about that. Form a clear picture of your project and the future work beforehand. This will make the overall approval process faster.

Your thesis should have the main question and the scope of information you intend to cover. Also, think about all primary and secondary sources of information you want to cover. 

How to Arrange All That Drafting Effectively

Let’s presume you have already approved a topic and ready to launch the drafting itself. First of all, you need to split the overall time you have on these compulsory stages:

  • Researching

Find any relevant literature for your master’s thesis. Don’t neglect any source of information that may give you a good thought on a topic, even a YouTube tutorial or post on social media. Shortlist all that resources and range according to their relevance. This will help you to specify further. 

  • Developing ideas

After you have processed all sources of information, think about all ideas on the subject you can describe in your thesis. Shortlist them to form a basis for your future outline. We advise you to take short breaks between brainstorming sessions. Also, keep a paper with your ideas nearby while drafting to amend if this is necessary. 

  • Outlining

A good master’s thesis outline should be a preliminary image of your future thesis. Focus here on the main sections your guideline speaks about. Usually, the overall content of a good thesis should comprise its:

  • title and signature pages;
  • abstract;
  • table of contents;
  • introductory part;
  • main section;
  • conclusion;
  • bibliography;
  • appendices.

In its introduction, you should address the purpose and tasks of your research, applied methods, the literature you have used, and other aspects according to your concrete guideline. 

The main body is usually divided into separate logical sections according to the list of ideas you have elaborated on. In your conclusion, you summarize and restate differently all findings you expanded on before.

  • Writing # 1

It is good to write your master’s thesis paper by approaching it several times. For the first attempt, we suggest you create your content gradually. You may even work on it for more than a month. It is necessary to approach that work thoroughly. After you have got your paper done, we suggest you set it aside for some time.

  • Other writing attempts

When you have your first thesis done and have already enjoyed your short break, pass to the second round of writing. At this stage, you need to look at your thesis from the point of what statements you can condense and make shorter. You may have more than one such attempt to make sure you have produced the exact content of a thesis you need.

  • Polishing

Check your text for any mistakes and typos. Reassure you have crafted a good bibliography, title and that you cite well. Reading your paper aloud will help you in that a lot.

  • Feedback required

Finish your work by requesting feedback and making enhancements if you have such suggestions. But, in any case, we advise you to rely on your own judgments. 

Good Drafting Tips for You

Well, it is good to have a strategic vision of how to draft your master’s thesis. Still, it is also good to have extra helpful tips to follow and make your own life easier:

  • Think about addressing gaps in your topic. That will be interesting;
  • In your thesis, move gradually and logically from one point to another;
  • Make sure you pass each drafting step before starting the other. This will help you be better organized while drafting;
  • Prefer simple and plain language. Add explanations where this appears to be desired;
  • You will not forget about following certain formatting requirements, like indicating a date, shortlist them;
  • Writing a master’s thesis may be exhausting if you postponed that process till the last month of your work. So, if you decide to cease involving professional writers and want to tackle this challenge on your own, still arrange short breaks. Take care of your health and good sleep too.

Make Your Presentation Well

Any presentation is a bit of a challenging event you should approach beforehand. Yes, you need to tackle your nervous states and negative emotions that may arise. When you present the results of your research, think about people who will listen to you. Try to think from their perspective about those things that can interest them. 

To add extra confidence, you need to make a list of the main ideas of your thesis. Follow them logically one-by-one to guide your reviewers through the results of your research. Apart from taking these notes, we also suggest memorizing their content. Looking at your reviewers directly will actually help in establishing and keeping contact with them. 

To help yourself at this point, involve somebody for training. This will help you to enhance your presentation skills. 

Another good presentation tip we want to share with you is to end your presentation with gratitude for the devoted time and consideration. You may also encourage discussions by expressing a little bit controversial statement. Also, express readiness to answer extra questions. 

Final Words 

There is nothing more easily than drafting a good master’s thesis if you are dedicated to your area of study and have extra time. This paper is designated to assess your research and writing skills, perform well, and get your master’s degree.

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