How To Write An Essay Fast And Keep It High-Quality

Essay writing is one of the most common tasks for students, and it usually takes loads of time. It is always an exposition of your opinion on some matter. You must ground your opinion properly, supporting it with reliable proofs. Thus, there is still in-depth research on sources, consuming hours, and more hours planning, writing, and afterwork. 

All essay guidelines recommend that you let yourself enough time to get prepared and do the job correctly. Unfortunately, the conditions are often the opposite. There are some cases where you have only one hour to compose an essay – the English tests, for instance. Such papers are short, but you still have to do them correctly, with the proper structures and style. Let alone all those situations where you must complete the homework writing assignment under a strict deadline. 

To help you, our custom essay writing service prepared this guideline on how to write an essay fast. You will learn the most effective techniques and organization approaches to cope quickly with any paper and keep them high-quality.

How to Write an Essay Quickly – the Necessary Basics

Fast writing is not anything extraordinary. It is a matter of proper training, and the right preparations, the skill that you polish. All the methods of how to quickly write an essay rest on three pillars: 

  • thorough preparations;
  • time-management;
  • keeping focused. 

These principles are universal, and they are the foundation of any successful activity. It is the fundamental reason why students write all those countless essays. The task is more than how to write an essay quickly – the skills you train are useful in all aspects of your daily life. 

Let’s proceed to the practical side now and see how to apply these basic principles to our particular case. Anyone is able to write essay fast. You only need to master several straightforward techniques.

Excellent Preparations – the Fastest Way to Write an Essay

It does not matter if you are at the exam and have to compose an essay within 30 minutes, or you have several days or weeks to complete it. You will still have to pass several stages, ensuring that you make an academic essay and not any other writing piece. The main problem is that writing takes a little part of the time, compared to the preliminary works and afterwork.

Suppose you have the challenge of writing an essay in an hour. The first thing to notice is that the speed of writing has its limits. If we don’t consider exceptional writers, it usually takes about an hour to write 500 words. You may spend more or less time, depending on how well you’ve elaborated on that text. 

The ultimate goal of preparations is to get the ready essay in your mind before writing it down. Then you put it on the paper (or the Word page) as if dictating the text to yourself.

Get Rid of Distractions

It is easier on the exam – then you have other stresses to fight. If the essay is a part of your homework, ensure the most comfortable conditions for yourself to focus on the assignment.

  • ban social media while you are working on the essay;
  • disable the messengers on your desktop or laptop;
  • put the phone away or switch it to the silent mode. 

Make Sure the Task Requirements Are Clear

This condition has superior value for any task. When you deal with an English exam essay, a correct understanding of the requirements is vital. First, it sends you in the right direction at once. Second, you avoid reworking.

Read the assignment requirements carefully and note the keywords defining what you must do in that essay. It is only after that you should start the research. 

Conduct the Research of the Topic

In-depth research is valuable, but it is not the fastest way for essay writing. When the speed is your primary concern, you need to make your research targeted more than all-around.

  • focus on the topic, and don’t let yourself get carried away by the other related materials. you may return to them later when you have time;
  • if it is an exam, and you have the sources predefined and provided, proceed to the data matching your goals, like “compare,” “analyze,” “find similarities,” etc.;
  • filter the sources fast at once: check the dates of publications before reading the articles and books. The information you need must be up-to-date, so don’t waste your time on obsolete issues;
  • don’t ignore databases like Wikipedia. Although they aren’t academic resources, there are lists of works cited. You can trace the origins and use the information from them;
  • always make notes. Copy and paste fragments from the sources, and add your ideas and conclusions in the process. It all helps you to build the plotline of your essay fast and correctly;
  • mark all the references at once and fix the details required by the formatting style. It saves a lot of time compiling the bibliography section.

Plan the Work – How to Write an Essay Fast in an Exam

An easy way to write an essay fast always includes the outlining stage. First, it does not require too much time: 10-15 minutes are enough. Then, it lets you write the essay faster, without losing time on pursuing some evading idea. Besides, when you plan your essay correctly, you get it as you want at once — no need to waste time or rework.

Let’s take the most stressful situation and review how to write an essay fast in an exam:

  1. Prepare the thesis statement. It must be ready before you start planning the essay and come as a result of the research. Formulate the main idea of the text. You don’t have to make the wording polished at once, but you need to understand what you want to prove. Further works come accordingly. 
  2. List the essential points of your paper and make sure that they match the thesis statement. Then, elaborate on those principal points: add the evidence, examples, citations, etc. Each “point” typically stands for one paragraph. This way, you understand at once what you will write in each section, in what order, and why.
  3. Focus on the Body section at once, as the Introduction and Conclusions often cause the writer’s block. Plan the opening and final parts in the outline, though. Note that the Introduction should present the topic and explain its value for the audience. The conclusion should summarize your ideas.
  4. Whether you should formulate some statements or build interesting, catchy phrases – add them to the outline too. It helps you to remember them and to see if they are applicable in the current essay, and where.

The result of your work should be a detailed sketch of the text that you can fast turn into the draft of an essay.

How to Write Essays Faster – Practical Techniques

Time-management and avoiding procrastination are the key factors helping to do any job faster. In the case of essay writing, you have to apply the following principles: 

  • plan your work as a sequence of steps;
  • consider the time for each stage and stick to the limits;
  • follow the plan. 

In practice, pay attention to the below practical tips on how to write essays faster: 

  • plan and control the number of words while writing. If you use a Word editor, it has its word calculator so that you can consult it every time. It helps you organize yourself and work fast, as you can see how much you’ve already done and what is still remaining;
  • don’t stick to some fragment in the process. Proceed to the other parts and return to the problematic section later. Yet, if you see an error or get a better phrase right in the process, fix the issues at once. It won’t break your writing fluency;
  • mark all references while you are writing. You can use the standard formatting for the in-text citations – it saves time on afterwork, and you’ll do it fast enough;
  • give yourself 15-20 minutes for revision, if it is a homework assignment. On the exam, you also need at least 5 minutes. When you complete the piece, rest for several seconds (take a deep breath, close your eyes). Then, reread the essay from the beginning, deliberately. Fix the problems you notice. 

More Helpful Tips for Writing an Essay

The best way to write a paper is to focus on it entirely and prepare thoroughly before starting. In relates to both physical and mental conditions. Let yourself rest before doing the homework. For instance, go for a walk for fresh air. This way, your mind becomes more susceptible. 

An excellent method is joining some writing programs or participating in writing “marathons.” There, you get familiar with more tips for writing an essay and train fast writing skills for fast performance.

Finally, you can let our professional writers help you and buy college essays here. Our fast custom essay writing service team is at your service when you need the job done quickly and correctly.

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